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Dr. Dennis Jaffe and Dr. Jim Grubman are experienced consultants to family firms and multigenerational families of wealth. Building on their many years of experience, they bring unique skills for educating family offices, wealth managers, attorneys, and other independent and institutional advisors about what clients need and want from trusted advisors. This website offers tools, resources, trainings, and programs that can enhance advisors' skills about such topics as:

  • effective interviewing of clients
  • designing and leading family meetings
  • communication with multi-generational, multi-branch families
  • building governance structures and agreements
  • fostering the next generation
  • understanding and helping wealth-creating generation
  • understanding and helping those who inherit wealth


Our Blog: The Coaches' Corner

We may find it hard to define but we certainly know when we lose trust with either a person, group or an organization. When we lose trust we withdraw our energy and level of engagement. We go on an internal strike, not wanting to give to the other person who has hurt or wronged us (according to our values).

If there is one skill that can make a difference in a business family, it is the ability to initiate and reach resolution in areas that arouse everyone’s anxiety. This capacity enables people who are not formal family leaders to move from feeling frustrated and powerless, to feeling empowered to address subjects that others may wish to avoid.

Over the last six months my colleagues and I at Wise Counsel Research have been interviewing an amazing group of people: family owners of global enterprises that have survived through at least two generational transitions.

The January 14 2013 edition of PW News, the e-newsletter of Private Wealth magazine, has a lead article entitled “After the Budget Deal: Donor’s Remorse.” Diana Zeydel and Parker Taylor, two trust-and-estate attorneys, discuss how clients who rushed to complete wealth transfers at the end of 2012 now are having second thoughts about those transfers, since the exemption limits are probably not going to change as drastically as everyone thought.

As an advisor you have worked hard to develop your client's trust. As a result of this growing trust, your client will share something troubling and personal about his or her family relationships.